Author / co-authors

free of charge grants (-s) the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) the right to publish in the journal " Issues of Economic Theory" in electronic format its Work, presented in the form of an article and annexes to it (if any).

The transfer of the right to publish covers:

the right to reproduce the Paper (publishing, making public, duplicating, replicating or otherwise multiplying the Paper) without limiting the circulation of copies, including on electronic media, in electronic networks and databases; the right to distribute the Paper in any way; the right to prepublish process (editing, proofreading, etc.) of the Paper.

The author / co-authors of the Paper retain all copyrights to the published article along with the right to use the article or part of it in their future works, books, lectures, web pages.

The author/co-authors guarantee that

– the text of the manuscript is original and has not been previously published in other printed and (or) electronic publiсations, is not currently offering for publication in other publications;

– the rights granted to the Institute under this Agreement are not subject to the current license agreement of the Co-authors with third parties;

– are the actual holders of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity contained in the Paper;

– The manuscript contains all references to the cited sources, copyrights of other authors are respected;

– The paper does not contain materials that are not  to publish in the open press in accordance with the  legislation of the Russian Federation, and the publication and (or) distribution of the manuscript by the Editorial Board will not lead to the disclosure of secret (confidential) information (including state, official secrets);

– publication of the Work will not lead to a conflict of interest, the author / co-authors indicate the sources of funding, organizations and persons who contributed to the study.

The author / co-authors grants the Institute the right to process the following personal data without time limit:

− surname, name, patronymic;

— own(s) ORCID iD:; Researcher ID (WoS); Scopus ID; RSCI SPIN

− information about education, academic degrees and titles;

− information about the place of work and position hold;

− information about contact information for correspondence and negotiations.


The author / co-authors express their consent to these conditions by performing appropriate actions on the site, as well as by filling out the authors' questionnaire and sending the file with the manuscript to the specified portal.